How to Tutor Online

  • Durations Approx 1 hour
  • 1 CPD point
  • Tuition
  • 5 modules

The aim of this lesson is to offer those looking to begin working as an online tutor insight into how to get started by providing an overview of the nature of the work and the service that you may offer. Online tuition is a growing industry with many students, schools and parents looking to access support to ensure academic success and personal development. This session will offer guidance for tutors as to the different ways that you can work with students, the online platforms that are available and what technical knowledge and skills a tutor will require in order to utilise these, as well as practical ways to engage with students once working with them, ensure effective learning is taking place and measure progress and achievements.


Upon completion of the course, the following learning outcomes/objectives will be reached:


  1. To understand what the role of an online tutor entails.
  2. To explore the ways in which different online tools can be used to create an effective virtual classroom.
  3. To develop strategies for building an effective working relationship with students.
  4. To develop strategies for teaching skills and content in an engaging manner when working remotely.